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Thomas A. Witten is a talented scientist, but his writing style has prompted me to create this page. Below are some questions that I have about his book, Structured Fluids:

  1. Why is T used to denote both a temperature and an energy?
  2. In problem 3.5, why is energy denoted by W and work by U, the opposite of what I have seen in every other class?
  3. Why is the jello cube in Problem 4.6 denotes by length b, which in Problem 2.7 the letter a is used? Both lengths are 5 cm.
  4. Witten writes, "If a block of Jello were stretched to double its natural length, it would eventually expel a finite fraction of the water inside." Most of the Jello that I've seen would break if it were stretched to double its natural length. Moreover, if it were not stretched to twice its natural length, would it expel an infinite fraction of water?