Weekly Wiki Entries for APPHY 226, Spring 2009

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Pratomo Putra (Tom) Alimsijah

Controllable Microfluidic Production of Microbubbles in Water-in-Oil Emulsions and the Formation of Porous Microparticles

Geometrically Mediated Breakup of Drops in Microfluidic Devices

Formation of dispersions using ‘‘flow focusing’’ in microchannels

Generation of Polymerosomes from Double-Emulsions

Controlled assembly of jammed colloidal shells on fluid droplets

Microstructure, Morphology, and Lifetime of Armored Bubbles Exposed to Surfactants

Impact, puncturing, and the self-healing of soap films

Mechanism for Flow-Rate Controlled Breakup in Confined Geometries:A Route to Monodisperse Emulsions

Formation of Droplets and Bubbles in a Microfluidic T-junction - Scaling and Mechanism of Break-up.

Experimental observations of the squeezing-to-dripping transition in T-shaped microfluidic junctions

Donald Aubrecht

Fabrication and Wetting Properties of Metallic Half-Shells with Sub-Micron Diameters

Liquids on topologically nano-patterned surfaces

A Design for Mixing Using Bubbles in Branched Microfluidic Channels

Five-fold symmetry in liquids

Splitting a Liquid Jet

Microwave dielectric heating of drops in microfluidic devices

Energy absorption in a bamboo foam

From molecular noise to behavioral variability in a single bacterium

Microoxen: Microorganisms to Move Microscale Loads.

Bursting of soap films. I. An experimental study

Alexander Epstein

Skeleton of Euplectella sp.: Structural Hierarchy from the Nanoscale to the Macroscale

Self-Assembly of Hexagonal Rods Based on Capillary Forces

Photoreactive coating for high-contrast spatial patterning of microfluidic device wettability

Biomimetic self-assembly of helical electrical circuits using orthogonal capillary interactions

Planarization of Substrate Topography by Spin Coating

Smart responsive surfaces switching reversibly between super-hydrophobicity and super-hydrophilicity

Wetting and Roughness: Part 1

Wetting and Roughness: Part 2

Wetting and Roughness: Part 3

Slippery questions about complex fluids flowing past solids

Nefeli Georgoulia

The soft framework of the cellular machine

Mixing with Bubbles: A Practical Technology for use with Portable Microfluidic Devices.

The ‘Cheerios Effect’

Like-charged particles at liquid interfaces

Dynamic equilibrium Mechanism for Surface Nanobubble Stabilization

Powerful curves

The cell as a material

Geometry and physics of wrinkling

Precursors to splashing of liquid droplets on a solid surface

Critical Casimir effect in three-dimensional Ising systems: Measurements on binary wetting films

Sung Hoon Kang

Spontaneous breakdown of superhydrophobicity

Imbibition by polygonal spreading on microdecorated surfaces

Reversible Switching of Hydrogel-Actuated Nanostructures into Complex Micropatterns

Capillary rise between elastic sheets

Pearl drops

Patterned Superhydrophobic Surfaces: Toward a Synthetic Mimic of the Namib Desert Beetle

A Cascade of Structure in a Drop Falling from a Faucet

Non-spherical bubbles

Impalement of fakir drops

The hydrodynamics of water strider locomotion

Tom Kodger

Higher Order Assembly of Microtubules by Counter-ions: From Hexagonal Bundles to Living Necklaces

Onset of Buckling in Drying Droplets of Colloidal Suspension

Controlling Mammalian Cell Spreading and Cytoskeletal Arrangement with Conveniently Fabricated Continuous Wavy Features on Poly(dimethylsiloxane)

Like-charged particles at a liquid liquid interface

Nonlinear mechanics of soft fibrous networks

Dissolution Arrest and Stability of Particle-Covered Bubbles

Experimental observation of the crystallization of hard sphere colloidal particles by sedimentation onto flat patterned surfaces

Sorell Massenburg

Self-Organization of a Mesoscale Bristle into Ordered, Hierarchical Helical Assemblies

Structural rearrangements that govern flow in colloidal glasses

Valve-based flow focusing for drop formation

Oscillations with Uniquely Long Periods in a Microfluidic Bubble Generator.

Substrate curvature resulting from the capillary forces of a liquid drop

Dynamically reconfigurable liquid-core liquid-cladding lens in a microfluidic channel

Three-dimensional microfluidic devices fabricated in layered paper and tape

Mesoscale Self-Assembly: Capillary Interactions When Positive and Negative Menisci Have Similar Amplitudes

Functionalized glass coating for PDMS microfluidic devices

Flowing Lattices of Bubbles as Tunable, Self-Assembled Diffraction Grating

Lidiya Mishchenko

Controlled Switching of the Wetting Behavior of Biomimetic Surfaces with Hydrogel-Supported Nanostructures

Asymmetric Dimers Can be Formed by Dewetting Half-Shells of Gold Deposited on the Surfaces of Spherical Oxide Colloids

Photonic Crystals from Emulsion Templates

Physical limits and design principles for plant and fungal movements

Dense Packing and Symmetry in Small Clusters of Microspheres

Assembly of Colloidal Particles by Evaporation on Surfaces with Patterned Hydrophobicity

Continuous Convective Assembling of Fine Particles into Two-Dimensional Arrays on Solid Surfaces

Osmotically driven shape-dependent colloidal separations

Mechanistic Principles of Colloidal Crystal Growth by Evaporation-Induced Convective Steering

Grain Boundary Scars and Spherical Crystallography

Nan Niu

Sickle cell vasoocclusion and rescue in a microfluidic device

Colloid Science - Non-spherical bubbles

Nonspherical Colloidosomes with Multiple Compartments from Double Emulsions

Perfectly Monodisperse Microbubbling by Capillary Flow Focusing

Capillarity Induced Negative Pressure of Water Plugs in Nanochannels

Electric-field-induced capillary attraction between like-charged particles at liquid interfaces

Integrated circuit/microfluidic chip to programmably trap and move cells and droplets with dielectrophoresis

Capillary attraction: Like-charged particles at liquid interfaces

Lab on a Chip: Surface-induced droplet fusion in microfluidic devices

Programmable Assembly of Nanoarchitectures Using Genetically Engineered Viruses

Tony Orth

Short-Time Dynamics of Partial Wetting

Formation of Monodisperse Bubbles in a Microfluidic Flow-Focusing Device

Non-Linear Dynamics of a Flow-Focusing Bubble Generator: An Inverted Dripping Faucet

Self-Assembly of Gradient Concentric Rings via Solvent Evaporation from a Capillary Bridge

Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium States in Microfluidic Double Emulsions

Surface Tension Transport of Prey by Feeding Shorebirds: The Capillary Ratchet

Slippage of Water Past Superhydrophobic Carbon Nanotube Forests in Microchannels

Self-Running Droplet: Emergence of Regular Motion from Nonequilibrium Noise

Pillar-induced droplet merging in microfluidic circuits

Drying-mediated self-assembly of nanoparticles

Naveen Sinha

The universal dynamics of cell spreading

Gelation as arrested phase separation in short-ranged attractive colloid-polymer mixtures

Cationic Liposome-Microtubule Complexes: Pathways to the Formation of Two-State Lipid-Protein Nanotubes with Open or Closed Ends

Effects of topology on network evolution

Microscopic artificial swimmers

A non equilibrium mechanism for nanobubble stabilization

Shear Unzipping of DNA

Non-Hermitian localization and population biology

Biomimetic self-assembly of helical electrical circuits using orthogonal capillary interactions

Topographical Micropatterning of Poly(dimethylsiloxane) using Laminar Flows of Liquids in Capillaries

Scott Tsai

Controlled Switching of the Wetting Behavior of Biomimetic Surfaces with Hydrogel-Supported Nanostructures

Imbibition by polygonal spreading on microdecorated surfaces

Dripping to Jetting Transitions in Coflowing Liquid Streams

Reactive spreading and recoil of oil on water

Dielectrophoretic manipulation of drops for high-speed microfluidic sorting devices

Variable-focus liquid lens for miniature cameras

Splashing on elastic membranes: The importance of early-time dynamics

Drop Splashing on a Dry Smooth Surface

Surface-induced droplet fusion in microfluidic devices

From Bouncing to Floating: Noncoalescence of Drops on a Fluid Bath

Zach Wissner-Gross

Geometrically Mediated Breakup of Drops in Microfluidic Devices

Mesoscale Self-Assembly: Capillary Bonds and Negative Menisci

A high-throughput capillary assay for bacterial chemotaxis

Controlled Assembly of Jammed Colloidal Shells on Fluid Droplets

Supramolecular Assembly of Biological Molecules Purified from Bovine Nerve Cells: from Microtubule Bundles and Necklaces to Neurofilament Networks

Dripping, Jetting, Drops, and Wetting: The Magic of Microfluidics

Visualization of dislocation dynamics in colloidal crystals

Controlling the Fiber Diameter during electrospinning

Real-time RNA profiling within a single bacterium

Optically trapped aqueous droplets for single molecule studies