Weekly Wiki Entries for APPHY 226, Spring 2009

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Pratomo Putra (Tom) Alimsijah

Controllable Microfluidic Production of Microbubbles in Water-in-Oil Emulsions and the Formation of Porous Microparticles

Geometrically Mediated Breakup of Drops in Microfluidic Devices

Formation of dispersions using ‘‘flow focusing’’ in microchannels

Generation of Polymerosomes from Double-Emulsions

Controlled assembly of jammed colloidal shells on fluid droplets

Microstructure, Morphology, and Lifetime of Armored Bubbles Exposed to Surfactants

Impact, puncturing, and the self-healing of soap films

Mechanism for Flow-Rate Controlled Breakup in Confined Geometries:A Route to Monodisperse Emulsions

Formation of Droplets and Bubbles in a Microfluidic T-junction - Scaling and Mechanism of Break-up.

Experimental observations of the squeezing-to-dripping transition in T-shaped microfluidic junctions

Donald Aubrecht

Fabrication and Wetting Properties of Metallic Half-Shells with Sub-Micron Diameters

Liquids on topologically nano-patterned surfaces

A Design for Mixing Using Bubbles in Branched Microfluidic Channels

Five-fold symmetry in liquids

Splitting a Liquid Jet

Microwave dielectric heating of drops in microfluidic devices

Energy absorption in a bamboo foam

From molecular noise to behavioral variability in a single bacterium

Microoxen: Microorganisms to Move Microscale Loads.

Bursting of soap films. I. An experimental study

Alexander Epstein

Skeleton of Euplectella sp.: Structural Hierarchy from the Nanoscale to the Macroscale

Self-Assembly of Hexagonal Rods Based on Capillary Forces

Photoreactive coating for high-contrast spatial patterning of microfluidic device wettability

Biomimetic self-assembly of helical electrical circuits using orthogonal capillary interactions

Planarization of Substrate Topography by Spin Coating

Smart responsive surfaces switching reversibly between super-hydrophobicity and super-hydrophilicity

Wetting and Roughness: Part 1

Wetting and Roughness: Part 2

Wetting and Roughness: Part 3

Slippery questions about complex fluids flowing past solids