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About me

SeungYeon Kang Applied Physics, G1

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Fun facts on soft matter

Good references: Polyelectrolytes in Solution and the Stabilization of Colloids : [1]

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Final Project: Fire Retardant Polymers


  • “Flame-retardant”/ “Flame resistance”: understood to be resistant to catching on fire, but level of resistance varies
  • Implied meaning: self-extinguishing
  • “Flame-retardant” does NOT mean noncombustible
  • Risk still present in materials (but lower than in other materials)¹


  • Clothing: fire-retardant for a certain length of time. Usually a short length of time in casual clothing. Higher level of resistance required in fire fighter uniforms.

- children’s sleepwear / Casual shirts, pants, etc. / Fire fighting overalls

  • Industrial

- construction: “Fire doors” and other materials in buildings to retard fire.

General Material Properties

  • Different ways to describe material behavior, among other tests, you can test for:

- Ease of ignition / Flame spread / Fire endurance / Fuel contribution / Smoke evolution

  • Can get a different perspective of material from different tests on small, medium and large scales depending on which property is most important for the application.

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