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  1. APPHY 226 in the spring of 2011
  2. A Microfluidic Approach to Encapsulate Living Cells in Uniform Alginate Hydrogel Microparticles
  3. A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions
  4. A comparison of jamming behavior in systems composed of dimer- and ellipse-shaped particles
  5. A portable device for temperature control along microchannels
  6. A theory of coupled diffusion and large deformation in polymeric gels
  7. Absolute Instability of a Liquid Jet in a Coflowing Stream
  8. Actin Filament Length Tunes Elasticity of Flexibly Cross-Linked Actin Networks
  9. Adsorption Kinetics in Micellar Solutions of Nonionic Surfactants
  10. Alignment of Self-Assembled Structures in Block Copolymer Films by Solvent Vapor Permeation
  11. Application: Biofilms
  12. Asymmetric network connectivity using weighted harmonic averages
  13. Atomic-Force Microscopes
  14. Attractive interactions betweren colloids at the oil-water interface
  15. Automated Identification of Microtubules in Cellular Electron Tomography
  16. Bacillus subtilis spreads by surfing on waves of surfactant
  17. Beating Poisson encapsulation statistics using close-packed ordering
  18. Biomimetic isotropic nanostructures for structural coloration
  19. Biopolymer network
  20. Biopolymer network geometries: Characterization, regeneration, and elastic properties
  21. Birgit Hausmann
  22. Block Copolymers
  23. Bulk modulus
  24. Buoyancy
  25. Capillarity Induced Negative Pressure of Water Plugs in Nanochannels
  26. Capillary Rise Profile
  27. Capillary Wave
  28. Capillary attraction: Like-charged particles at liquid interfaces
  29. Capillary force
  30. Capillary micromechanics: Measuring the elasticity of microscopic soft objects
  31. Cationic Liposome-DNA Complexes: From Liquid Crystal Science to Gene Delivery Applications.
  32. Cationic Membranes Complexed with Oppositely Charged Microtubules: Hierarchical Self-Assembly Leading to Bio-Nanotubes
  33. Cell
  34. Cell-free synthesis of functional proteins using transcription/translation machinery entrapped in silica sol-gel matrix
  35. Cell Fusion
  36. Cell blebbing
  37. Cell stimulation with optically manipulated microsources
  38. Che-Hang Yu
  39. Chemotactic Patterns without Chemotaxis
  40. Chiral
  41. Clouds
  42. Coarse-grained
  43. Cohan Mechanism
  44. Colloid Science - Non-spherical bubbles
  45. Colloidal Dispersion
  46. Colloidal self-assembly at an interface
  47. Compliance
  48. Comprehensive mapping of long-range interactions reveals folding principles of the human genome
  49. Compressional Modulus
  50. Concentration
  51. Contact Angle Hysteresis and Interacting Surface Defects
  52. Control of the Shape of Liquid Lenses on a Modified Gold Surface Using as Applied Electrical Potential across a Self-Assembled Monolayer
  53. Coordination Number
  54. Critical Angle for Electrically Driven Coalescence of Two Conical Droplets
  55. Critical Casimir Effect in 3D Ising Systems: Measurements on Binary Wetting Films
  56. Critical Casimir effect
  57. Cutting Ice: Nanowire Regelation
  58. DNA-nanoparticle superlattices formed from anisotropic building blocks
  59. Daniel Rubin
  60. Design and Synthesis of Model Transparent Aqueous Colloids with Optimal Scattering Properties
  61. Designer emulsions using microfluidics
  62. Designing Superoleophobic Surfaces
  63. Dielectric elastomers of interpenetrating networks
  64. Dielectrophoretic manipulation of drops for high-speed microfluidic sorting devices
  65. Diffusion-limited aggregation
  66. Digital Holographic Microscopy for 3D Imaging of Complex Fluids and Biological Systems
  67. Direct Measurement of the Flow Field around Swimming Microorganisms
  68. Directional water collection on wetted spider silk
  69. Dislocation
  70. Dissolution Arrest and Stability of Particle-Covered Bubbles
  71. Does size matter? Elasticity of compressed suspensions of colloidal- and granular-scale microgels
  72. Double Emulsion Droplets as Microreactors for Synthesis of Mesoporous Hydroxyapatite
  73. Dripping, Jetting, Drops, and Wetting: The Magic of Microfluidics
  74. Dripping to Jetting Transitions in Coflowing Liquid Streams
  75. Drop Splashing on a Dry Smooth Surface
  76. Droplet Mixing Using Electrically Tunable Superhydrophobic Nanostructured Surfaces
  77. Drying-mediated self-assembly of nanoparticles
  78. Drying of Complex Suspensions
  79. Ductility of thin metal films on polymer substrates modulated by interfacial adhesion
  80. Dynamic Equilibrium for Surface Nanobubble stabilization
  81. Dynamic Forces Between Two Deformable Oil Droplets in Water
  82. Dynamic equilbrium mechanism for nanobubble stabilization
  83. Dynamic equilibrium Mechanism for Surface Nanobubble Stabilization
  84. Dynamical determinants of inducible gene expression in a single bacterium
  85. Dynamically reconfigurable liquid-core liquid-cladding lens in a microfluidic channel
  86. Early development drug formulation on a chip: Fabrication of nanoparticles using a microfluidic spray dryer
  87. Effect of Ocean Acidification on Iron Availability to Marine Phytoplankton
  88. Effects of topology on network evolution
  89. Einstein's "On the effect on the motion of a liquid of a very small sphere suspended in it"
  90. Elasticity of Compressed Emulsions
  91. Electric-filed-induced capillary attraction between like-charges partciles at liquid interfaces
  92. Electric-filed-induced capillary attraction between like-charges particles at liquid interfaces
  93. Electrical breakdown and ultrahigh electrical energy density in poly(vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene) copolymer
  94. Electro-osmotic screening of the DNA charge in a nanopore
  95. Electrocratic
  96. Electrodes on a budget: Micropatterned electrode fabrication by wet chemical deposition
  97. Electromechanical instability in semicrystalline polymers
  98. Electronic detection of DNA by its intrinsic molecular charge
  99. Electrospinning: A whipping fluid jet generates submicron polymer fibers
  100. Electrostatic Charging Due to Separation of Ions at Interfaces: Contact Electrification of Ionic Electrets
  101. Electrostatic Interactions of Colloidal Particles at Vanishing Ionic Strength
  102. Electrostatic Interactions of Colloidal Particles in Nonpolar Solvents: Role of Surface Chemistry and Charge Control Agents
  103. Electrostatics for Explorting the Nature of Water Adsorption on the Laponite Sheets' Surface
  104. Elucidation of extracellular matrix mechanics from muscle fibers and fiber bundles
  105. Energy absorption in a bamboo foam
  106. Enriching libraries of high-aspect-ratio micro- or nanostructures by rapid, low-cost, benchtop nanofabrication
  107. Entropically driven colloidal crystallization on patterned surfaces
  108. Equilibrating Nanoparticle Monolayers UsingWetting Films
  109. Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium States in Microfluidic Double Emulsions
  110. Evaporation-Driven Assembly of Colloidal Particles
  111. Evidence for an Upper Limit to Mitotic Spindle Length
  112. Excluded Volume
  113. Experimental observation of the crystallization of hard sphere colloidal particles by sedimentation onto flat patterned surfaces
  114. Experimental observations of the squeezing-to-dripping transition in T-shaped microfluidic junctions
  115. Eyring Model
  116. Fabrication of Bio-Inspired Actuated Nanostructures with Arbitrary Geometry and Stiffness
  117. Fabrication of Monodisperse Toroidal Particles by Polymer Solidification in Microfluidics
  118. Fabrication of Polymersomes using Double-Emulsion Templates in Glass-Coated Stamped Microfluidic Devices
  119. Fabrication of Tunable Spherical Colloidal Crystals Immobilized in Soft Hydrogels
  120. Facile Alignment of Amorphous Poly(ethylene oxide) Microdomains in a Liquid Crystalline Block Copolymer Using Magnetic Fields: Towards Ordered Electrolyte Membranes
  121. Famous Korean Women Physicists
  122. Fei Pu
  123. Fine-tuning of chemotactic response in E. coli determined by high-throughput capillary assay
  124. Five-fold symmetry in liquids
  125. Flagellum
  126. Flowing Lattices of Bubbles as Tunable, Self-Assembled Diffraction Grating
  127. Fluid Mechanics Films
  128. Fluids of Clusters in Attractive Colloids
  129. Fluorescence
  130. Foldable printed circuit boards on paper substrates
  131. Formation of Droplets and Bubbles in a Microfluidic T-junction - Scaling and Mechanism of Break-up.
  132. Formation of Monodisperse Bubbles in a Microfluidic Flow-Focusing Device
  133. Formation of creases on the surfaces of elastomers and gels
  134. Formation of dispersions using ‘‘flow focusing’’ in microchannels
  135. Formation of free films of aqueous solutions of poly(ethylene oxide): The influence of surfactant
  136. Foundational publications by B.V. Derjaguin
  137. From Bouncing to Floating: Noncoalescence of Drops on a Fluid Bath
  138. From molecular noise to behavioral variability in a single bacterium
  139. Functionalized glass coating for PDMS microfluidic devices
  140. Gas adsorption applications
  141. Gecko foot structure
  142. Gelation as arrested phase separation in short-ranged attractive colloid-polymer mixtures
  143. Generation of Polymerosomes from Double-Emulsions
  144. Geometric Cue for Protein Localization in a Bacterium
  145. Geometrically Mediated Breakup of Drops in Microfluidic Devices
  146. Geometry and physics of wrinkling
  147. Glass-like dynamics of collective cell migration
  148. Good and bad lipids in the lung
  149. Grain Boundary Scars and Spherical Crystallography
  150. Grain boundaries
  151. Granular Matter
  152. Granular matter
  153. Gravitational Stability of Suspensions of Attractive Colloidal Particles
  154. Herschel-Bulkley fluid
  155. Hierarchical Bionanotubes Formed by the Self Assembly of Microtubules with Cationic Membranes or Polypeptides
  156. Hierarchical Bionanotubes Formed by the Self Assembly of Microtubules with Cationic Membranes or Polypeptides Journal of Applied Crystallography.
  157. Hierarchical Porous Materials Made by Drying Complex Suspensions
  158. High-Order Multiple Emulsions Formed in Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Microfluidics
  159. High-Yield Synthesis of Monodisperse Dumbbell-Shaped Polymer Nanoparticles
  160. Homogeneous flow in metallic glasses: a free volume perspective
  161. How Does A Millimeter-Sized Cell Find Its Center?
  162. How aphids lose their marbles
  163. How the Venus Flytrap snaps
  164. How wet paper curls
  165. Hydrodynamics of Writing with Ink
  166. Hydrophobic Surfaces
  167. Imaging in-plane and normal stresses near an interface crack using traction force microscopy
  168. Imbibition by polygonal spreading on microdecorated surfaces
  169. Impact, puncturing, and the self-healing of soap films
  170. Impact of inlet channel geometry on microfluidic drop formation
  171. Impact of soft condensed matters
  172. Impalement of fakir drops
  173. In vitro
  174. In vivo
  175. Inclined to splash: triggering and inhibiting a splash with tangential velocity
  176. Inhomogeneous and anisotropic equilibrium state of a swollen hydrogel containing a hard core
  177. Integrated circuit/microfluidic chip to programmably trap and move cells and droplets with dielectrophoresis
  178. Integrin clustering is driven by mechanical resistance from the glycocalyx and the substrate
  179. Interstitial fluid
  180. Intracellular transport by active diffusion
  181. Isotropic
  182. Jamming Transition
  183. Jamming phase diagram for attractive particles
  184. Jianyu Li
  185. Lab on a Chip: Surface-induced droplet fusion in microfluidic devices
  186. Langevin Dynamics Deciphers the Motility Pattern of Swimming Parasites
  187. Langmuir film
  188. Laplace Pressure Derivation
  189. Like-Charge Attraction and Hydrodynamic Interaction
  190. Like-charged particles at a liquid liquid interface
  191. Like-charged particles at liquid interfaces
  192. Limit cycle
  193. Limits to Gelation in Colloidal Aggregation
  194. Link 1
  195. Liquid Crystals
  196. Liquid chromatography
  197. Liquids on topologically nano-patterned surfaces
  198. Liquid–solid-like transition in quasi-one-dimensional driven granular media
  199. Localized and extended deformations of elastic shells
  200. Long-distance propagation of forces in a cell
  201. Low-temperature synthesis of nanoscale silica multilayers – atomic layer deposition in a test tube
  202. M. A. Bucaro, P. R. Kolodner, J.A. Taylor, A. Sidorenko, J. Aizenberg, and T. Krupenkin. "Tunable Liquid Optics: Electrowetting Controlled Liquid Mirrors Based on Self-Assembled Janus Tiles." Langmuir 2009, 25, 3876-3879
  203. Magic
  204. Magnetic nanoparticles
  205. Magneto-mechanical mixing and manipulation of picoliter volumes in vesicles
  206. Magnetomechanical mixing and manipulation of picoliter volumes in vesicles
  207. Mapping and manipulating temperature-concentration phase diagrams using microfluidics
  208. Mean Field Models
  209. Mechanism for Flow-Rate Controlled Breakup in Confined Geometries:A Route to Monodisperse Emulsions
  210. Mechanisms of reversible stretchability of thin metal films on elastomeric substrates
  211. Mechanistic Principles of Colloidal Crystal Growth by Evaporation-Induced Convective Steering
  212. Membrane Interactions of Novicidin, a Novel Antimicrobial Peptide:
  213. Memories of paste
  214. Mesoscale Self-Assembly: Capillary Bonds and Negative Menisci
  215. Metal films on polymer substrates stretched beyond 50%
  216. Metastable
  217. Method to analyze electromechanical stability of dielectric elastomers
  218. Micro!uidic fabrication of smart microgels from macromolecular precursors
  219. Micro-Masonry: Construction of 3D Structures by Microscale Self-Assembly
  220. Micro-and nanotechnology via reaction–diffusion
  221. Microbubbles loaded with nanoparticles: a route to multiple imaging modalities
  222. Microfluidic Assembly of Magnetic Hydrogel Particles with Uniformly Anisotropic Structure
  223. Micromanipulation of magnetotactic bacteria with a microelectromagnet matrix
  224. Microoxen: Microorganisms to Move Microscale Loads.
  225. Microscopic artificial swimmers
  226. Microsphere
  227. Microstructure, Morphology, and Lifetime of Armored Bubbles Exposed to Surfactants
  228. Microwave dielectric heating of drops in microfluidic devices
  229. Minimal Energy Clusters of Hard Spheres with Short Range Attractions
  230. Mixing with Bubbles: A Practical Technology for use with Portable Microfluidic Devices.
  231. Modulation instability
  232. Monodisperse Double Emulsions Generated from a Microcapillary Device
  233. Monodispersity
  234. Morrisonisms
  235. Multiphoton Lithography of Nanocrystalline Platinum and Palladium for Site-Specific Catalysis in 3D Microenvironments
  236. Nanometer Patterning with Ice
  237. Nanopottery: coiling of electrospun polymer nanofibers
  238. Nanoscale characterization and determination of adhesion forces of Pseudomonas aeruginosa pili by using atomic force microscopy
  239. Nanofiber Assembly by Rotary Jet-Spinning
  240. Navier-Stokes equation
  241. New Developments in Colloid Science
  242. Non-Hermitian localization and population biology
  243. Non-Linear Dynamics of a Flow-Focusing Bubble Generator: An Inverted Dripping Faucet
  244. Non-iridescent colors are generated by quasi-ordered structures of bird feathers
  245. Non-spherical bubbles
  246. Nonlinear mechanics of soft fibrous networks
  247. Nonlinear oscillation of a dielectric elastomer balloon
  248. Nonspherical Colloidosomes with Multiple Compartments from Double Emulsions
  249. Onset of Buckling in Drying Droplets of Colloidal Suspension
  250. Onset of Buckling in Drying Droplets of Colloidal Suspensions

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