Random Organization in Periodically Driven Systems

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Original entry by Sagar Bhandari, APPHY 225 Fall 2010


Random Organization in Periodically Driven Systems, Laurent Corte, Paul M. Chaikin, J.P. Gollub, and David J. Pine, Nature Physics 4, 420 (2008).


self-organization, periodically driven, particle suspensions


In this paper, the authors present a model for describing the self organization produced by irreversible collisions which generally produce chaotic dynamics. The authors mention that such a self organization can lead to a non-fluctuating quiescent state.

Figure 1:

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Figure 2:

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To confirm and test the agreement of the model with experiment, the results from an experiment was used. In this experiment, the system consists of small plastic particles suspended in a viscous liquid that is density and index matched to the particles. The suspensions are placed between concentric cylinders where the inner cylinder is rotated about its axis back and forth through a small angle to produce an oscillatory time-dependent strain.

Figure 3:

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