Preparation of Hard Mesoporous Silica Spheres

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Original entry: Ian Bruce Burgess Fall 2009


Q. Huo, J. Feng, F. Schuth, G.D. Stucky, Chemistry of Materials 9, 14-17 (1997).


This paper describes the synthesis of small spheres (0.1-2mm in diameter) made of a mesoporous silica from a surfactant-stabilized emulsion chemistry. What is remarkable about this technique is that the spheres, with hierarchical, levels of ordering on multiple length scales, are synthesized in a one step process. The spheres are synthesized as follows: The silicon ester tetrabutyl orthosilicate (TBOS, <math>Si(OC_{4}H_{9})_{4}</math>) is used as both the silica precursor and the organic phase in a slightly basic aqueous emulsion. The surfactant, cetyltetramethylammonium bromide


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