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Copies of publications.


cell, network, chemotaxis, bacteria, motor protein


35. Emonet T. and Cluzel P. Relationship between cellular response and behavioral variability in bacterial chemotaxis, PNAS, 105 (9), 3304-3309 (2008).

36. Korobkova E., Emonet T., Park H, Cluzel P. Hidden stochastic nature of a single bacterial motor, Phys. Rev. Letters, 96, 58105 (2006).

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42. Manneville S., Cluzel P., Viovy J-L, Chatenay D, Caron F. Evidence for universal scaling behavior of a freely relaxing DNA molecule, Europhysics Letters 36: 413-418 (1996).

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PC43. Park H., Pontius W., Guet C.C., Marko J.F., Emonet T. and Cluzel P. Interdependence of behavioural variability and response to small stimuli in bacteria, Nature, online 14 Nov. (2010).

PC44. Park H., Guet C.C., Emonet T. and Cluzel P. Fine-tuning of chemotactic response in E. coli determined by high-throughput capillary assay, Current Microbiology, online Oct. 24, (2010).

Added for AP225 Fall 2012

PC45. Wood K., Nishida S., Sontag E.D., and Cluzel P. Mechanism-independent method for predicting response to multidrug combinations in bacteria, PNAS, published online before print July 5, 2012

PC46. Moffitt J., Lee J.B., and Cluzel P. The single-cell chemostat: an agarose-based, microfluidic device for high-throughput, single-cell studies of bacteria and bacterial communities, Lab on a Chip, Apr 21; 12(8): 1487-1494, Epub Mar 7 (2012).

PC47. Park H., Oikonomou P., Guet C.C., and Cluzel P. Noise underlies switching behavior of the bacterial flagellum, Biophysical Journal, Nov 16; 101(10): 2336-40, Epub Nov 15 (2011).