Patterning microfluidic device wettability using flow confinement

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Original entry: Darren Yang, AP225, Fall 2010


A.R. Abate, J. Thiele, M. Weinhart, D.A. Weitz, “Patterning microfluidic device wettability using flow confinement,” Lab on a Chip, 10, 14 (2010).


Monodisperse Double Emulsions, Multiple Emulsions, Poly(Dimethylsiloxane),


The authors present a versatile method to spatially pattern the surface properties of microfluidic devices using flow confinement. This technique allows surface patterning with micron-scale resolution, and to demonstrate its effectiveness, they use it to pattern wettability to form Water/Oil/Water and Oil/Water/Oil double emulsions.