Non-Linear Dynamics of a Flow-Focusing Bubble Generator: An Inverted Dripping Faucet

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Physical Review Letters [0031-9007] P. Garstecki, M.J. Fuerstman, G. M. Whitesides (2005) vol:94 iss:23 pg:234502[1]

Brief Summary

Figure 1: Schematic of the flow focusing device.
Figure 2: Schematic of the flow focusing device.

This letter deals with the chaotic behaviour of a microfluidic bubble generator (the device reported in [2]). Briefly, a gaseous thread is forced through a small orifice while being squeezed by an outer liquid flow; the thread then becomes energetically unstable which results in a bubble being pinched off. Upon varying various parameters of the system such as the gas pressure and liquid flow rate, several bifurcations in the bubble producing behaviour are observed.