New Developments in Colloid Science

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Original entry: Xu Zhang, APPHY 225, Fall 2009


New Developments in Colloid Science D.A. Weitz and W.B. Russel, MRS Bull. Feb 2004 83 (2004)


colloids, colloidal materials, "directed" assembly, rheology, suspensions


This article summarizes several new developments of colloid science in two aspects: "directed" assembly of colloidal particles and understanding in rheology of colloidal suspensions.

Directed Assembly

1) Using depletion interaction

Controllable elements: 1.surface treatment 2.solvent choice 3.addition of other materials

2) Applying additional stresses ( Van Blaaderen ) Ex. a hard wall that restricts the states of the colloidal suspension, electric and magnetic fields, surface stresses induced by drying, oder imposed by patterned surfaces, gravitational effects,......