Nanoparticle in a Nanofluid Film Spreading on a Surface

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Original entry by Hyerim Hwang, AP 226, Spring 2012. not finished


Alex Nikolov, Kirti Kondiparty, and Darsh Wasan, "Nanoparticle Self-Structuring in a Nanofluid Film Spreading on a Solid Surface", Langmuir 2010 26(11), 7665-7670


Thin film stability, Nanofluids, Disjoining pressure


Figure 1. .
This paper investigates the complex mechanism involved in the solid-nanofluid-oil interactions by directly observing the phenomenon of nanoparticle self-layering due to confinement of nanoparticles in a thin film. This research also shows that the effect of film size on stability of nanolfluid films on a solid substrate.
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In this paper, the experimental results of the nanoparticle self-ordering and stepwise thinning of the nanofluid film fromed between an oil drop and a solid surface are reported. This also presents the measured contact angle of film-meniscus and thickness corresponding to the number of particle layers on a solid surface. These were used for getting the film energy due to the nanoparticle layering within the nanofluid film.