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"People will look at you and say you are either wasting your time, dangerous or both" ~ About Research

"There is a way to get physicists all hot and bothered. Tell them that there is a new force."

"If you're not doing something wrong. You're not doing hard enough stuff."

"These big pieces of chalk are frightening."

"Fat thumb, small pointer." ~ Skipping Slides

"If you were a capillary tube, you would need to know about these things." ~ Capillary Rise etc

"We'll take it easy at first and go prancing along merrily." ~ Survey Course Versus Fluids

"In the magical world of de Gennes and his friends..."

"It was the 60s. We were wide awake... I think." ~ Saturday Morning Classes

"When you take the cheap easy way... like de Gennes... AND win the Nobel Prize." ~ Choosing what information is extraneous

"Who knows what he had been drinking or smoking at the time?" ~ de Gennes and AFM tips

"I have a hammer. Now what can I hit with it?" ~ Creating an equation and then applying it.

"There is only one group of people you can legitimately make fun of...Canadians." ~ Russians at fault for kappa^-1 capillary length

"Think about that when you are going to sleep. It will put you to sleep." ~ high energy = low contact angles, low energy = high contact angles