Mesoscale Self-Assembly: Capillary Interactions When Positive and Negative Menisci Have Similar Amplitudes

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Jeremy L. Steinbacher,Rebecca W. Y. Moy, Kristin E. Price, Meredith A. Cummings, Chandrani Roychowdhury, Jarrod J. Buffy, William L. Olbricht, Michael Haaf, and D. Tyler McQuade. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2006, 128 (29), pp 9442–9447

Soft Matter Keywords

Capillary force, PDMS, hydrophilicicity


Soft Matters

The authors are following up on earlier work of self assembling hexagonal plates via capillary force: Self-Assembly of Hexagonal Rods Based on Capillary Forces and Mesoscale Self-Assembly of Hexagonal Plates Using Lateral Capillary Forces: Synthesis Using the “Capillary Bond”