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*  [http://soft-matter.seas.harvard.edu/index.php/Surface_Forces Surface Forces]
*  [http://soft-matter.seas.harvard.edu/index.php/Surface_Forces Surface Forces]
*  [/References References]
*  [http://soft-matter.seas.harvard.edu/index.php/References References]

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AP225 Introduction to Soft Matter.

Catalog Number: 5298

Ian D. Morrison

Half course (fall term). M., W., 2:30–4. EXAM GROUP: 16, 17 Introduction to soft condensed matter, or “complex fluids,” including polymers, surfactants, emulsions, foams, and biological structures. Emphasis is on physical principles that govern bulk behavior. Students will understand the concepts, experimental techniques, and open questions. Prerequisite: Knowledge of thermodynamics and basic statistical mechanics and some familiarity with phase diagrams and differential equations.