Like-charged particles at liquid interfaces

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Authors: Part 1 - Mischa Megens, Joanna Aizenberg. Part 2 - M. G.Nikolaides, A. R. Bausch, M. F.Hsu, A.D.Dinsmore, M. P. Brenner, C.Gay, D. A.Weitz

Source: Narture, Vol. 424, August 2003

Soft Matter key words: capillary attraction, surface tension, electrostatic force


This publication is actually a brief communication between two scientific parties. The topic is the attraction between micro-meter sized particles absorbed at aqueous interfaces. On the first part, M. Megens and J. Aizenberg argue that the attractive force arising between the two particles cannot be attributed to capillary attraction alone. On the second part M.G. Nikolaides et al. refute this argument by presenting novel experimental data.

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