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Topic 1: Introduction

Actuators, Elastomer, Polymer, Soft Machines, Soft Robotics

Topic 2: Surface Forces

Crystal Structure, Nanowires, Micropillars, Self-Assembly, Self-Assembled Structures, Structured Surfaces, Superhydrophobic

Topic 3: Capillarity and Wetting

Topic 4: Polymers and Polymer Solutions

Active Network, Biopolymer, Loss Modulus, Mechanical Properties, Molecular Motors, Myosin, Passive Network, Polymer, Polymer Network, Rheology, Storage Modulus

Topic 5: Surfactants and Spontaneous Ordering

Topic 6: Equillibria and Phase Diagrams

Topic 7: Charged Interfaces

Topic 8: Colloids

Colloid, Emulsion, Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic, Liquid Crystal, Patterned substrate, Surfactant

Topic 9: Rheology and Viscoelasticity