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==[[Pichet Adstamongkonkul]]==
==[[Pichet Adstamongkonkul]]==
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[[Phenotype]], [[Microfluidics]], [[Progeny]], [[Derjaguin Approximation]], [[Disjoining Pressure]], [[Potential (voltage)]], [[Charge Density]], [[Dispersion Stability]]
[[Phenotype]], [[Microfluidics]], [[Progeny]], [[Derjaguin Approximation]], [[Disjoining Pressure]], [[Potential (voltage)]], [[Charge Density]], [[Dispersion Stability]]
== Daniel Daniel ==
== [[Daniel Daniel]] ==
[[Biomimetics]], [[wetting]], [[superhydrophobicity]], [[pitcher plant]],
[[Biomimetics]], [[wetting]], [[superhydrophobicity]], [[pitcher plant]],

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Pichet Adstamongkonkul

nanoskiving, microtome, top-down approach Stern layer, Debye length, Nanopore wettability, hydrophobicity, contact angle, interfaces, surface tension, microparticles hydrogel, nanoparticles, porosity, microgel, transition temperature, swelling, crosslinking density colloids, polydispersity, nonoverlap (hard-sphere) constraint, silanization, sphere packings nanobowls, phase diagram, crystal structures, spontaneous ordering colloid, emulsion, surfactant, steric stabilization, electrosteric stabilization, assembly double emulsion, polymersome, microfluidics

Andrew Capulli

Poroelastic, Cell Adhesion, Filament Bundling, Cell Alignment, Actin, Sickle Cell Anemia, Cytoskeleton Nanotubes, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Ion Blockage, DNA, Disjoining Pressure, Nanopore Capillarity, Positive Buoyancy, Negative Buoyancy, Meniscus, Contact Angle Mitosis, Spindle Fibers, Microtubule, Mechanotransduction, Self Avoidance, Cell Division, Diploid, Haploid Amphiphilic, Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic, Interfacial Tension, HLB Scale, Emulsion Phase Change, Emulsification, Surfactant, Phase Diagram, Metastable, Spinodal, Critical Point, Phase Rule Tribocharge, Ion-Transfer Mechanism, Discharge Threshold, Dry Contact, Wet Contact, Humidity (contact), Voltaic Pile Phenotype, Microfluidics, Progeny, Derjaguin Approximation, Disjoining Pressure, Potential (voltage), Charge Density, Dispersion Stability

Daniel Daniel

Biomimetics, wetting, superhydrophobicity, pitcher plant, self-assembly, capillary forces, adhesion biomimetics, wetting, superhydrophicity, omniphobicity, self-repair microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip, microgels, monodisperse montmorillonite, origin of life, semi-permeable vesicles, self-assembly, suspension structural color, irridescence, quasi-ordered structures, scattering contact electrification, dielectric breakdown, electric discharge, friction emulsion, surface tension, contact angle, thin film brownian motion, brownian dynamics, langmuir monolayers, rheology

Max Darnell

microfluidics, polymerase chain reaction, diffusion, hydrogel polymersome,double emulsion,contact angle,wetting liposome, aqueous two-phase system, microfluidics, emulsion polymerization, extracellular matrix, crosslinking, polymer, FRET micelle, shear-thickening, nanoporous gel, flow-induced structure self-assembly, liquid-crystal, virus, colloid dielectrophoresis, microelectrode, micropatterning, cell trapping, microfluidics colloid, gel, nucleation, self-assembly

Meredith Duffy

rheology shear thinning viscosity mechanotransduction red blood cell graphene thin film nanopore DNA sequencing conductance microfluidics Laplace pressure high throughput emulsion janus particle polymer droplet microfluidics PNIPAAm fluorescence microscopy nucleation crystallization microfluidics supersaturation osmosis self-assembly capillarity micropillar adhesion thiol capillary pressure imbibition porosity Lucas-Washburn equation finite element method

Grant England

bio-inspired, hydrogel, actuation, microstructures lithography, patterning, nanowires hydrogel, dynamic materials, responsive materials microfluidics, gels, responsive materials, hydrogel, microparticles surfactant, chemical synthesis, biomimetics, calcite, SDS, CaCO3, CTAB Chemical patterning in 3D, photonic crystals, wetting, encryption, inverse opals, Colloidal assembly, Coassembly Actuation, gels, hybrid materials, multi-photon lithography, micro patterns, hydrogel foam, lattice, metastable state

Peter Foster

chemotaxis, fluctuation-response theorem, signalling network, Escherichia coli nanopore, DNA sequencing, biomolecule detection, electrophoresis low-cost, microfluidic devices, diagnosis, thread, paper spindle, single molecule imaging, Xenopus laevis, cell division protein folding, polymer, simulation, nonequilibrium nematics, nematic order, active matter, simulation Nanofabrication, high-aspect-ratio nanostructure, electrodeposition, replica molding, gradient structure, three-dimensional patterning Xenopus laevis, elastic modulus, viscous modulus, microrheology, cytoskeleton

Lauren Hartle

Actuators, Elastomer, Polymer, Soft Machines, Soft Robotics Crystal Structure, Nanowires, Micropillars, Self-Assembly, Self-Assembled Structures, Structured Surfaces, Superhydrophobic Contact Printing, Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, Low-Cost Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Microfluidics,Patterned Surfaces, Wicking Active Network, Biopolymer, Loss Modulus, Mechanical Properties, Molecular Motors, Myosin, Passive Network, Polymer, Polymer Network, Rheology, Storage Modulus Capillary, Carbon Black, Drop, Drug Delivery, Emulsion, Encapsulation, Fluid Jet, Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, Magnetic, Microfluidics, Polymer Colloid, Emulsion, Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic, Liquid Crystal, Patterned substrate, Surfactant Elastomer, Eutectic Point, Flexible Electronics, Microfluidics, Polymer, Resonance frequency, Soft Machines, Strain

Bryan Hassell

phase diagram colloids zeta potential brownian motion osmotic pressure diffusion and diffusion coefficient contact angle and contact angles capillary and capillarity emulsion microfluidics surfactant micelle and micelles dispersion self assembly electrical double layer and double layer viscosity elasticity creep

Hyerim Hwang

Self-assembled monolayers, Molecular electronics, Charge-transport, Energy, Nanofabrication, Chemistry, Biology, Nanocrystals, Lithography, Medicine Diffusion, Particles, Sedimentation, Motion, Flow Multiple emulsions, Microparticles, Stability, Delivery, Microcapsules, Encapsulation Multiple emulsions, Microchannels, Poly(dimethysiloxane) Oil-in-water emulsions, Dispersion polymerization, Patchy particles, Drug discovery, Hard sphere, Latex particles Suspensions, Gels Microchannel, Electrophoresis, Capillary, Flow, Streaming potential Stability, Silica fines, Water-ethanol suspensions, Solvation film, Hydration forces, Surface forces, Colloids, DLVO theory

Bryan Kaye

dielectrophoresis, modified dielectrophoresis, fixed dipole, induced dipole moment Mitotic Spindle, microtubules, kinetochore, self-assembly Mitotic Spindle, Polarized Light Microscopy, Correlation Function, Image Registration, nematic phase, order parameter, optical axis FRET, FCS, FCCS, Super-Resolution FLIM, Florescence Lifetime Imagining Microscopy, biological imagining, modern imagining techniques chemotaxis, E. coli, capillary assay, chemotactic response

Robin Kirkpatrick

Image Segmentation Electron Tomography Simulated Annealing Microtubules Method of Images Brownian Motion Hydrodynamic Coupling Interaction Potential Boltzmann Distribution Energy Landscape Protein Folding Polymer Physics Fractal Dimension Fractal Network Levinthal's Paradox Spindle Microtubule Image Registration Correlation Function Active Liquid Crystal Polymer Physics Electrostatics triboelectric series RNA Hairpin RNA Cytoskeleton Microfilaments Intermediate filaments Mechanotransduction Plasmid DNA segregation No-Slip Boundary Condition Diffusion

Yuhang Jin

polyelectrolytes, deposition, microdroplets, double emulsions, microfluidics pattern formation, emulsions, self-organization, microfluidics paper microfluidics, capillary-driven flow, centrifugal forces entangled polymer melts, two-dimensional confinement, Monte Carlo simulation Surfactant monolayer, hydrophobic surfaces, molecular dynamics simulation conjugated polymers, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), phase diagrams, X-ray electro-osmosis flow, light-induced dielectrophoresis, magnetic beads, TiOPc nanocrystal, quantum dot, colloidal stability, germanium, benzonitrile

Sofia Magkiriadou

self-assembly, directed self-assembly, functionalised particles, colloidal clusters, random energy model, graph coloring theorem, DNA-coated particles, self-assembly yield contact line, particle tracking microscopy, surface tension, contact angle, confocal microscope,Boussinesq flexible electronics, electronic skin, elastomer, electron-beam evaporation, PDMS, buckling, tensile strength [tribocharging]], spark, functionalized, electrometer, functional group, contact electrification single-domain crystal, polycrystalline, Gibbs free energy, diffusion, Onsager's principle, biomimetics Bragg, resonance, disorder, photonic liquid, scattering, asymmetry parameter, Coulomb interaction, structure factor, Debye length, screening, small-angle neutron scattering,spectrometer biofilm, bacteria, gel, viscoelasticity, elastic shear modulus, osmotic pressure, cooperative motility jet, painting, coiling instability, Pollock, viscosity, kinematic viscosity, Rayleigh formula, Strouhal number

Kelly Miller

Diffusion, Brownian motion thin films, Lifshitz's Theory of dispersion forces, disjoining pressure Laplace's Law, Young's equation, surface energy, surface tension Collagen networks, Confocal microscopy, Anisotropy, Isotropy aggregation states, foam, liquid crystalline structures, phase diagrams, mesophases, critical packing parameter electric double layer, Poisson-Boltzmann theory, surface effect, static phase, zeta potential, non-wettability, electrokinetic effect, Stern Layer Soap films, Weibull distribution, Bamboo film, van der Waals forces, Electrostatic repulsion, Black films

Emily Redston

biofilms, colloids, polymers, gels, viscoelasticity, elasticity, cross-linking, volume fraction Crystalline monolayer surface of liquid Au–Cu–Si–Ag–Pd: Metallic glass former metallic glasses, crystal structure, surface freezing, liquid alloys, surface crystals, phase transition, eutectics Diffusion through colloidal shells under stress encapsulation, colloids, osmotic pressure, diffusion, emulsification, permeability polydisperse, monodisperse, morphology, colloids, gels, phase separation, polymers, non-adsorbing, volume fraction, poroelastic, transient gelation, spinodal decomposition biofilms, self-assembly, nanoposts, Fourier transform, fluorescence microscopy, ordering, periodicity metallic glasses, eutectics, phase transition, liquid undercooling, liquid structure, crystal structure, free-volume model, viscosity, glass-transition temperature Folding of Electrostatically Charged Beads-on-a-String: An Experimental Realization of a Theoretical Model beads-on-a-string model, electrostatic interactions, polymers, polymer folding, RNA, triboelectricity, self-assembly bubbles, capillarity, confined flow, drops, foams, nozzles, rotational flow, foam-suppression

Kevin Tian

microfluidics, electromagnetism, scaling, fluid mechanics, sorting, PDMS Plithotaxis, Cell motion, Cell collective, Monolayer stress microscopy, Intercellular interactions poroelasticity, gels, indentation, compression, relaxation phase transition, elasticity, polymers, viscoelasticity, polymer solution self-assembly, electromagnetism, fluid dynamics, statistical mechanics, turbulent flow, PDMS chocolate, science education, phase transition, emulsions, nucleation self-assembly, charged interface, electrostatics, patterning, electron-beam microfluidics, emulsions, droplets, non-spherical particles, polymerization, PDMS propulsion, electromagnetism, deformation, soft-lithograpy, fluid dynamics, PDMS microfluidics, cell-based assays, droplets, noise-reduction, dilution, PDMS