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Wiki entries for AP226 Capillarity and Wetting (Spring 2012)

1. Deformable Interfaces

Dynamic Forces Between Two Deformable Oil Droplets in Water

[R.R. Dagastine, R. Manica, S.L. Carnier, D.Y.C. Chan, G.W. Stevens, and F. Grieser, "Science"313 (2006): 210-213]

2. Capillarity and Gravity

Control of the Shape of Liquid Lenses on a Modified Gold Surface Using as Applied Electrical Potential across a Self-Assembled Monolayer

[C.B. Gorman, H.A. Biebuyck, G.M. Whitesides, "Langmuir" 11 (1995): 2242-2246]

3. Long Range Forces

Spreading of Nonvolatile Liquids in a Continuum Picture

[ J.M. di Meglio, D. Quere, P.G. de Gennes, "Langmuir" 7 (1991); 335-338]

Wiki entries for AP225 Introduction to Soft Matter (Fall 2011)

1. Introduction (Week 1):

On The Movement of Small Particles Suspended in Stationary Liquids Required By The Molecular-Kinetic Theory of Heat

[A. Einstein, Annalen der Physik 17 (1905): 549-560]

2. Surface Forces and Disjoining Pressure (Week 2):

Direct Measurement of Molecular Forces

[B.V. Berjaguin, Y.I. Rabinovich, Nature 272 (1978): 313-318]

3. Capillary and Wetting (Weeks 3 & 4)

Thermodynamic deviations of the mechanical equilibrium conditions for fluid surfaces: Young's and Laplace's equations

[P. Roura, "American Journal of Physics" 73 (12), (2005): 1139-1147

4. Polymers (Weeks 5 &6)

A Blind Spot in Confocal Reflection Microscopy: The Dependence of Fiber Brightness on Fiber Orientation in Imaging Biopolymer Networks

[Jawerth, L.M., "Biophysical Journal" 98, (2009): L01-L03]

5. Surfactants (Week 7)

Krafft Points, Critical Micelle Concentrations, Surface Tension, and Solubilizing Power of Aqueous Solutions of Fluorinated Surfactants

[Kunleda, Shinoda; The Journal of Physical Chemistry, Vol. 80, No. 22, 1976]

6. Phases and phase diagrams (Week 8)

Understanding Foods as Soft Materials

[Mezzenga, R., Schurtenberger, A., Burbidge, A., Michel, M.; Nature Materials, Vol. 4, 2005]

7. Charged Interfaces

Hydrodynamics within the Electric Double Layer on Slipping Surfaces

[Laurent J., Ybert, C., Trizac, E., Bocquet, L., Physical Review Letters, 93 (25), 2004]

8. Thin "Soft" Films and Colloidal Stability

A public study of the lifetime distribution of soap films

[Tobin, S.T., Meagher, A.J., Bulfin, B., Mobius, M., Hutzler, S., American Journal of Physics, 79(8) 2011, pp. 819]