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[[Mesoporous materials]]
[[Mesoporous materials]]
[[optical pathlength]]
Weekly wiki entries 2009:
Weekly wiki entries 2009:
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[[Photonic Papers and Inks: Color Writing with Colorless Materials]]
[[Photonic Papers and Inks: Color Writing with Colorless Materials]]
[[Enantiospecific Wetting]]

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glass transition

limit cycle

Modulation instability

Liquid-liquid extraction

photonic crystal

Mesoporous materials

optical pathlength

Weekly wiki entries 2009:

Investigating the microenvironments of inhomogeneous soft materials with multiple particle tracking

A simple model for the dynamics of adhesive failure

Self-Assembly of Microscale Objects at a Liquid/Liquid Interface through Lateral Capillary Forces

Measuring the Surface Dynamics of Glassy Polymers

A natural class of robust networks

Spontaneous Pattern Formation Due to Modulation Instability of Incoherent White Light in a Photopolymerizable Medium

All terrain droplet actuation

On-chip natural assembly of silicon photonic bandgap crystals

Preparation of Hard Mesoporous Silica Spheres

2012 AP 226:

Wetting in Color: Colorimetric Differentiation of Organic Liquids with High Selectivity

Robust Omniphobic Surfaces

Photonic Papers and Inks: Color Writing with Colorless Materials

Enantiospecific Wetting