Functionalized glass coating for PDMS microfluidic devices

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Soft Matter Keywords

Wettability, Microfluidics


Microfluidic devices can perform multiple laboratory functions on a single, compact, and fully integrated chip. However, fabrication of microfluidic devices is difficult, and current methods, such as glass-etching or soft-lithography in PDMS, are either expensive or yield devices with poor chemical robustness. We introduce a simple method that combines the simple fabrication of PDMS with superior robustness and control of glass. We coat PDMS channels with a functionalized glass layer. The glass coating greatly increases the chemical robustness of the PDMS devices. As a demonstration, we produce emulsions in coated channels using organic solvents. The glass coating also enables surface properties to be spatially controlled. As a demonstration of this control, we spatially pattern the wettability of coated PDMS channels and use the devices to produce double emulsions with fluorocarbon oil.

Soft Matters

The authors here demonstrate a method to coat PDMS microfluidic devices