Foundational publications by B.V. Derjaguin

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Derjaguin, B. "Theorie des Anhaftens kleiner Teilchen (Theory of the adhesion of small particles)" Kolloid Z., 1934, 69(2), 155-164.

This paper is the first description of the "Derjaguin approximation" for the interaction of particles based on the interaction of flat plates.

Derjaguin, B. "Ultramikrometrische Untersuchungen der Solvathuellen und des 'elementaren' Quellungsaktes" (Ultramicrometric analysis of solvate layers and elementary expansion effects), Acta phys.-chim., 1936, 5(1), 1-22. (unter Mitwirkung von E. Obuchov)

This paper introduces the concept of the disjoining pressure (a thermodynamic model of free energy of thin films as a function of thickness).

Derjaguin, B; Kussakov, M "Anomalous properties of thin polymolecular films V. An experimental investigation of polymolecular solvate (adsorbed) films as applied to the development of a mathematical theory of the stability of colloids" Acta Physicochimica URSS, 10(1), 25-44 1939.

This paper discribes disjoining pressure in detail. It includes a derivation of Arhcimedean buoyancy in interparticle interactions.