Events Before Droplet Splashing on a Solid Surface

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Madhav Mani, hreyas Mandre and Michael Brenner J. Fluid Mechanics, vol. 647, pp 163-185


droplet dynamics deformation surface tension


This paper articulates in detail simulations of an idea from a 2009 Physics Rev. Letters paper regarding splashing dynamics. When a droplet impinges on a solid surface, splashing- and the formation and ejection of a liquid sheet around the drop--occurs for high enough impact velocity. It was previously thought that this the drop remained spherical until contacting the solid surface, and the something about the asymmetry of the single point of contact drove splashing dynamics. In the Phys. Rev. Letters paper, Brenner cite a recent experiment that demonstrates that splashing depends on the pressure of the ambient gas as well as surface tension and drop velocity, suggesting that the gas plays an important role in splashing dynamics.

In this paper, the behavior of the drop before a splash occurs is modeled, assuming that the compression of the gas between the droplet and the surface causes significant droplet deformation and ultimately, sheet formation.