Evaporation-Driven Assembly of Colloidal Particles

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Wiki entry by Emily Gehrels, Fall 2012

Based on the article: Lauga, E., Brenner, M.P. (2004). Evaporation-Driven Assembly of Colloidal Particles. Physical Review Letters, 93, 238301.


Vinny Manoharan wrote a paper describing how clusters of small (d=844nm) polystyrene spheres could be formed in reproducible configurations by dispersing them in a toluene-water emulsion and then preferentially evaporating the toluene. The geometries that formed minimized the second moment of the cluster as defined by <math>\mathcal{M}=\sum_{i}||r_i-r_o||^2</math>. This paper examines the theoretical basis for these findings.

Theories and Simulations

Results and Conclusions