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Copies of publications.

Added for AP225 Fall 2010

ED1. Imaging in-plane and normal stresses near an interface crack using traction force microscopy Y. Xu, W. C. Engl, E. R. Jerison, K. J. Wallenstein, C. Hyland, L. A. Wilen, E. R. Dufresne Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences (2010)

ED2. Grasshoppers Alter Jumping Biomechanics to Enhance Escape Performance Under Chronic Risk of Predation D. Hawlena, H. Kress, E. R. Dufresne, O. J. Schmitz Functional Ecology (2010)

ED3. How Noniridescent Colors Are Generated by Quasi-ordered Structures of Bird Feathers H. Noh, S. F. Liew, V. Saranathan, S. G. J. Mochrie, R. O. Prum, E. R. Dufresne, H. Cao, Advanced Materials (2010)

ED4. High-Yield Synthesis of Monodisperse Dumbbell-Shaped Polymer Nanoparticles J.-G. Park, J. D. Forster, E. R. Dufresne, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2010)

ED5. Many-Body Force and Mobility Measurements in Colloidal Systems J.W. Merrill, S.K. Sainis, J. Blawzdziewicz, E.R. Dufresne, Soft Matter (2010)

ED6. Biomimetic isotropic nanostructures for structural coloration J. D. Forster, H. Noh, S. F. Liew, V. Saranathan, C. F. Schreck, L. Yang, J-G Park, R. O. Prum, C. S. O'Hern, S. G. J. Mochrie, H.Cao, E. R. Dufresne Advanced Materials (2010)

ED7. Cell stimulation with optically manipulated microsources H. Kress, J.-G. Park, C. O. Mejean, J. D. Forster, J. Park, S. S. Walse, O. D. Weiner, T. M. Fahmy, E. R. Dufresne, Nature Methods (2009)

ED8. Many-Body Electrostatic Forces Between Colloidal Particles at Vanishing Ionic Strength J.W. Merrill, S.K. Sainis, E.R. Dufresne, Physical Review Letters, 103 138301 (2009)

ED9. Synthesis of Colloidal Particles with the symmetry of Water Molecules J.-G Park, J.D. Forster, E.R. Dufresne, Langmuir DOI: 10.1021/la901969d (2009)

ED10. Mechanical properties of individual microgel particles through the deswelling transition S. M. Hashmi, E. R. Dufresne, Soft Matter, DOI: 10.1039/b906051k (2009)

ED11. Multiplexed Force Measurements on Live Cells with Holographic Optical Tweezers C. O. Mejean, A. W. Schaefer, E. A. Millman, P. Forscher, E.R. Dufresne, Optics Express, 17, 6209 (2009)

ED12. Self Assembly of Biophotonic Nanostructures by Phase Separation E. R. Dufresne, H. Noh, V. Saranathan, S.G.J. Mochrie, H. Cao, R.O. Prum, Soft Matter, DOI: 10.1039/b902775k (2009)

ED13, Development of colour-producing beta-keratin nanostructures in avian feather barbs R.O. Prum, E. R. Dufresne, T. Quinn, K. Waters, J. R. Soc. Interface, 6, S253 (2009)

ED14. Electrostatic Interactions of Colloidal Particles at Vanishing Ionic Strength S. K. Sainis, J. W. Merrill, E. R. Dufresne, Langmuir, 24, 13334 (2008)

ED15. Minimal Model for Kinetic Arrest P. Pal, C. S. O'Hern, J. Blawzdziewicz, E. R. Dufresne, and R. Stinchcombe, Physical Review E, 78, 011111, (2008)

ED16. Electrostatic Interactions of Colloidal Particles in Nonpolar Solvents: Role of Surface Chemistry and Charge Control Agents S. K. Sainis, V. Germain, C. O. Mejean and E. R. Dufresne, Langmuir, 24, 1160, (2008)

ED17. Statistics of Particle Trajectories at Short Time-Intervals Reveal fN-Scale Colloidal Forces S. K. Sainis, V. Germin and E. R. Dufresne, Physical Review Letters, 99, 018303, (2007)

ED18. Spatially extended FCS for visualizing and quantifying high-speed multiphase flows in microchannels S.M. Hashmi, M. Loewenberg and E.R. Dufresne, Optics Express, 15 6528 (2007)

ED19. Automated trapping, assembly and sorting with holographic optical tweezers S. C. Chapin, V. Germain and E.R. Dufresne, Optics Express, 14 13095 (2006)

ED20. Observation of Plasmon Propagation, Redirection, and Fan-Out in Silver Nanowires A.W. Sanders, D.A. Routenberg, B.J. Wiley, Y. Xia, E.R. Dufresne and M.A. Reed, Nano Letters, 6 1822 (2006)

ED21. Dynamics of Fracture in Drying Suspensions E.R. Dufresne, D.J. Stark, N.A. Greenblatt, J.X. Cheng, J.W. Hutchinson, L. Mahadevan, and D.A. Weitz, Langmuir, 22 7144 (2006)

ED22. Charge Stabilization in Nonpolar Solvents M. F. Hsu, E. R. Dufresne, D. A. Weitz, Langmuir 21 4881 (2005)

ED23. Onset of Buckling in Drying Droplets of Colloidal Suspensions N. Tsapis, E. R. Dufresne, S. S. Sinha, C.S. Riera, J. W. Hutchinson, L. Mahadevan, and D. A. Weitz, Physical Review Letters 94 018302 (2005)

ED24. Reverse Micelles Enable Strong Electrostatic Interactions Between Colloidal Particles in Nonpolar Solvents M. F. Hsu, E. R. Dufresne, D. A. Weitz, cond-mat/0412185 (2004)

ED25. Flow and Fracture in Drying Nanoparticle Suspensions E. R. Dufresne, E. I. Corwin, N. A. Greenblatt, J. Ashmore, D.Y.Wang, A. D. Dinsmore, J. X. Cheng, X. S. Xie, J.W. Hutchinson, and D. A.Weitz, Physical Review Letters 91 224501 (2003)

ED26. Brownian Dynamics of a Sphere Between Parallel Walls E. R. Dufresne, D. Altman, and D. G. Grier, Europhysics Letters 53 264 (2001)

ED27. Computer-generated holographic optical tweezer arrays E. R. Dufresne, G. C. Spalding, M. T. Dearing, S. A. Sheets, D.G. Grier, Review of Scientific Instruments 72 1810 (2001)

ED28. Hydrodynamic Coupling of Two Brownian Spheres to a Planar Surface E. R. Dufresne, T. M. Squires, M. P. Brenner, and D. G. Grier, Physical Review Letters 85 3317 (2000)

ED29. Hydrodynamic Coupling and Optical Patterning of Many-Particle Colloidal Systems E.R. Dufresne, Ph. D. Thesis, University of Chicago (2000) This document provides a thorough introduction into the theory and original implemention of holographic optical tweezers.

ED30. Optical tweezer arrays and optical substrates created with diffractive optics E. R. Dufresne and D. G. Grier, Review of Scientific Instruments 69 1974 (1998)