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Wiki entries:

Fall 2011

Topic Weekly entry Keywords
1 - General Introduction Biofilms as complex fluids biofilms, colloids, polymers, gels, viscoelasticity, elasticity, cross-linking, volume fraction
2 - Surface Forces Crystalline monolayer surface of liquid Au–Cu–Si–Ag–Pd: Metallic glass former metallic glasses, crystal structure, surface freezing, liquid alloys, surface crystals, phase transition, eutectics
3 - Capillarity Diffusion through colloidal shells under stress encapsulation, colloids, osmotic pressure, diffusion, emulsification, permeability
4 - Polymers and Polymer Solutions The Role of Polymer Polydispersity in Phase Separation and Gelation in Colloid−Polymer Mixtures polydisperse, monodisperse, morphology, colloids, gels, phase separation, polymers, non-adsorbing, volume fraction, poroelastic, transient gelation, spinodal decomposition
5 - Surfactants Bacteria Pattern Spontaneously on Periodic Nanostructure Arrays biofilms, self-assembly, nanoposts, Fourier transform, fluorescence microscopy, ordering, periodicity
6 - Equilibria and Phase Diagrams David Turnbull (1915-2007). Pioneer of the kinetics of phase transformations in condensed matter metallic glasses, eutectics, phase transition, liquid undercooling, liquid structure, crystal structure, free-volume model, viscosity, glass-transition temperature
7 - Charged Interfaces Folding of Electrostatically Charged Beads-on-a-String: An Experimental Realization of a Theoretical Model beads-on-a-string model, electrostatic interactions, polymers, polymer folding, RNA, triboelectricity, self-assembly
10 - Foams and Emulsions Mechanical Inhibition of Foam Formation via a Rotating Nozzle bubbles, capillarity, confined flow, drops, foams, nozzles, rotational flow, foam-suppression

Spring 2012

Weekly entry Keywords
Five-Fold Symmetry in Liquids liquid structure, five-fold symmetry, x-ray scattering, hard sphere, dense random packing
Bioinspired Self-Repairing Slippery Surfaces with Pressure-Stable Omniphobicity omniphobicity, biomimetics, self-healing, surface texture, SLIPS, liquid-repellent surface
Thermodynamics of Solid and Fluid Surfaces thermodynamics, interfaces, excess free energy, Phase Rule, Gibbs-Duhem
Substrate Curvature Resulting from the Capillary Forces of a Liquid Drop surface tension, interface stress, Young's equation, curvature, thermodynamics