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== Keywords ==
== Keywords ==
[[Liquid foam]], [[Surface tension]], [[Viscosity]], [[Drainage]], [[Wetting]]
[[Liquid foam]], [[Surface tension]], [[Viscosity]], [[Drainage]], [[Wetting]], [[Plateau Borders]], [[Plateau's laws]]
== Summary ==
== Summary ==

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"Dynamics of foam drainage"

S. A. Koehler, H. A. Stone, M. P. Brenner, and J. Eggers: Physical Review E, 1998, 58, pp 2097 to 2106


Liquid foam, Surface tension, Viscosity, Drainage, Wetting, Plateau Borders, Plateau's laws


Fig.1 An aluminum foam exhibiting the typical structure of Plateau borders.

work in progress

Foam Drainage Equation

One Dimensional Drainage

Drainage in Higher Dimensions

Wetting of a Dry Foam

working on it