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A double emulsion is a special case of an emulsion. In a double emulsion, a third component is added which is emulsified within the simple emulsion. Though many droplets can be formed in the middle droplet, a single droplet inside the middle droplet forms a vesicle. This is of great interest to biomedicine, cosmetics, and the food industry because such double emulsions could allow many new possibilities of substances that could be emulsified and controlled for release for applications such as flavor or drug delivery.

Figure 1: Example of double emulsions. The different pictures show examples of different encapsulations from a single to multiple encapsulated droplets.

Soft Matter Examples

Double emulsions have been created synthetically, such as polymersomes and exist in nature, such as liposomes.


[1] Monodisperse double emulsions generated with a microcapillary device

[2] Dewetting Instability during the Formation of Polymersomes from Block-Copolymer-Stabilized Double Emulsions

Keyword in references:

Multicompartment Polymersomes from Double Emulsions

Dewetting-Induced Membrane Formation by Adhesion of Amphiphile-Laden Interface