Dielectrophoretic manipulation of drops for high-speed microfluidic sorting devices

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"Dielectrophoretic manipulation of drops for high-speed microfluidic sorting devices"

Keunho Ahn and Charles Kerbage, Tom P. Hunt, R.M. Westervelt, Darren R. Link, and D.A. Weitz

Applied Physics Letters 88, 024104 (2006)

Soft Matter Keywords

Droplets, microfluidics, PDMS, dielectrophoresis, droplet sorting, Stokes' Drag


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Soft Matter Examples

It has already been shown that droplets in microfluidic devices can be used as micro-reactors. In one of the configurations of this system, the droplets are water-in-oil emulsions. For these droplets to work effectively as a means of directed evolution, accurate and fast screening is required. One example of this is the sorting of a typical library of 10_{8} - 10_{9} genes, which requires a throughput of 1kHz.