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Copies of publications.

130. High-Order Multiple Emulsions Formed in Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Microfluidics A. R. Abate and D. A. Weitz, Small (2009).

131. Flocculation kinetics of precipitated calcium carbonate Roger Gaudreault, Nicolas Di Cesare, David Weitz, Theo G. M. van de Ven, Colloids Surf., A 340, 56-65 (2009).

132. Janus Particles Templated from Double Emulsion Droplets Generated Using Microfluidics Chia-Hung Chen, Rhutesh K. Shah, Adam R. Abate, and David A. Weitz, Langmuir 25, 4320-4323 (2009).

133. Unjamming a Polymer Glass David A Weitz, Science 323, 214-215 (2009).

133a. Microwave dielectric heating of drops in microfluidic devices David Issadore, Katherine J. Humphry, Keith A. Brown, Lori Sandberg, David A. Weitz, and Robert M. Westervelt, Lab Chip (2009).

133b. Valve-based flow focusing for drop formation Adam R. Abate, Mark B. Romanowsky, Jeremy J. Agresti, and David A. Weitz, Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 023503 (2009).

133c. Short-time self-diffusion of nearly hard spheres at an oil–water interface Y. Peng, W. Chen, Th. M. Fischer, D. A. Weitz and P. Tong, J. Fluid Mech. 618, 243–261 (2009).

134. Shear melting of a colloidal glass Christoph Eisenmann, Chanjoong Kim, Johan Mattsson, and David A.Weitz, preprint (2009).

135. Mechanical Response of Cytoskeletal Networks M. L. Gardel, K. E. Kasza, C. P. Brangwynne, J. Liu, and D. A. Weitz, in Biophysical Tools for Biologists, Volume Two: In Vivo Techniques, edited by D. J. J. Correia and Dr. H. William Detrich, III (Academic Press, 2008), vol. 89 of Methods in Cell Biology, pp. 487 - 519.

136. Dynamic Viscoelasticity of Actin Cross-Linked with Wild-Type and Disease-Causing Mutant α-Actinin-4 Sabine M. Volkmer Ward, Astrid Weins, Martin R. Pollak, and David A. Weitz, Biophys. J. 95, 4915-4923 (2008).

137. Biocompatible surfactants for water-in-fluorocarbon emulsions C. Holtze, A. C. Rowat, J. J. Agresti, J. B. Hutchison, F. E. Angilè, C. H. J. Schmitz, S. Koester, H. Duan, K. J. Humphry, R. A. Scanga, J. S. Johnson, D. Pisignano and D. A. Weitz, Lab Chip 8, 1632-1639 (2008).

138. Double Emulsion Templated Monodisperse Phospholipid Vesicles Ho Cheung Shum, Daeyeon Lee, Insun Yoon, Tom Kodger, and David A. Weitz, Langmuir 24, 7651-7653 (2008).

139. Colloid Surfactants for Emulsion Stabilization Jin-Woong Kim, Daeyeon Lee, Ho Cheung Shum, and David A. Weitz, Adv. Mater. 20, 3239-3243 (2008).

140. Shear thickening and scaling of the elastic modulus in a fractal colloidal system with attractive interactions Chinedum O. Osuji, Chanjoong Kim, and David A. Weitz, Physical Review E 77, 060402(R) (2008).

141. Gelation of particles with short-range attraction Peter J. Lu, Emanuela Zaccarelli, Fabio Ciulla, Andrew B. Schofield, Francesco Sciortino, and David A. Weitz, Nature 453, 499-504 (2008).

142. The soft framework of the cellular machine D. A. Weitz and P. A. Janmey, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105, 1105-1106 (2008).

143. Designer emulsions using microfluidics Rhutesh K. Shah, Ho Cheung Shum, Amy C. Rowat, Daeyeon Lee, Jeremy J. Agresti, Andrew S. Utada, Liang-Yin Chu, Jin-Woong Kim, Alberto Fernandez-Nieves, Carlos J. Martinez, and David A. Weitz, Materials Today 11, 18-27 (2008).

143a. Gelation as arrested phase separation in short-ranged attractive colloid-polymer mixtures Emanuela Zaccarelli, Peter J Lu, Fabio Ciulla, David A. Weitz, and Francesco Sciortino, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 20, 494242 (2008).

144. Absolute Instability of a Liquid Jet in a Coflowing Stream Andrew S. Utada, Alberto Fernandez-Nieves, Jose M. Gordillo, and David A. Weitz, Physical Review Letters 100, 014502 (2008).

145. Viscoelastic Properties of Microtubule Networks Yi-Chia Lin, Gijsje H. Koenderink, Frederick C. MacKintosh and David A. Weitz, Macromolecules 40, 7714-7720 (2007).

146. Controllable Monodisperse Multiple Emulsions Liang-Yin Chu, Andrew S. Utada, Rhutesh K. Shah, Jin-Woong Kim, and David A. Weitz, Angewandte Chemie International Edition 46, 8970-8974 (2007).

147. Spinodal Decomposition in a Model Colloid-Polymer Mixture in Microgravity A. E. Bailey, W. C. K. Poon, R. J. Christianson, A. B. Schofield, U. Gasser, V. Prasad, S. Manley, P. N. Segre, L. Cipelletti, W. V. Meyer, M. P. Doherty, S. Sankaran, A. L. Jankovsky, W. L. Shiley, J. P. Bowen, J. C. Eggers, C. Kurta, T. Lorik, Jr., P. N. Pusey, and D. A. Weitz, Physical Review Letters 99, 205701 (2007).

148. Rheology and microrheology of a microstructured fluid: The gellan gum case M. Caggioni, P. T. Spicer, D. L. Blair, S. E. Lindberg, and D. A. Weitz, Journal of Rheology 51, 851-865 (2007).

149. Dripping, Jetting, Drops, and Wetting: The Magic of Microfluidics A.S. Utada, L.-Y. Chu, A. Fernandez-Nieves, D.R. Link, C. Holtze, and D.A. Weitz, MRS Bulletin 32, 702-708 (2007).

150. Dripping to Jetting Transitions in Coflowing Liquid Streams] Andrew S. Utada, Alberto Fernandez-Nieves, Howard A. Stone, and David A. Weitz, Physical Review Letters 99, 094502 (2007).

151. Gravitational Stability of Suspensions of Attractive Colloidal Particles Chanjoong Kim, Yaqian Liu, Angelika Kühnle, Stephan Hess, Sonja Viereck, Thomas Danner, L. Mahadevan and David A. Weitz, Physical Review Letters 99, 028303 (2007).

152. Strain-Rate Frequency Superposition: A Rheological Probe of Structural Relaxation in Soft Materials Hans M. Wyss, Kunimasa Miyazaki, Johan Mattsson, Zhibing Hu, David R. Reichman, and David A. Weitz, Physical Review Letters 98, 238303 (2007).

153. Visualizing the Strain Field in Semiflexible Polymer Networks: Strain Fluctuations and Nonlinear Rheology of F-Actin Gels J. Liu, G. H. Koenderink, K. E. Kasza, F. C. MacKintosh, and D. A. Weitz, Physical Review Letters 98, 198304 (2007).

155. The cell as a material Karen E Kasza, Amy C Rowat, Jiayu Liu, Thomas E Angelini, Clifford P Brangwynne, Gijsje H Koenderink and David A Weitz, Current Opinions in Cell Biology 19, 101-107 (2007).

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157. Direct imaging of repulsive and attractive colloidal glasses Laura J. Kaufman and David A. Weitz, Journal of Chemical Physics 125, 074716 (2006).

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159. Microscopic Structure and Elasticity of Weakly Aggregated Colloidal Gels A. D. Dinsmore, V. Prasad, I.Y. Wong, and D. A. Weitz, Physical Review Letters 96, 185502 (2006).

160. Microrheology Probes Length Scale Dependent Rheology J. Liu, M. L. Gardel, K. Kroy, E. Frey, B. D. Hoffman, J. C. Crocker, A. R. Bausch, and D. A. Weitz, Physical Review Letters 96, 118104 (2006).

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163. Charge Stabilization in Nonpolar Solvents M. F. Hsu, E. R. Dufresne, and D. A. Weitz, Langmuir 21, 4881-4887 (2005)

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165. Effect of Temperature on Carbon-Black Agglomeration in Hydrocarbon Liquid with Adsorbed Dispersant You-Yeon Won, Steve P. Meeker, Veronique Trappe, David A. Weitz, Nancy Z. Diggs, and Jacob I. Emert, Langmuir 21, 924-932 (2005)

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169. Shear-Induced Configurations of Confined Colloidal Suspensions Itai Cohen, Tom Mason and David A. Weitz, PRL 93 046001 (2004)

170. Packing in the Spheres David A. Weitz, Science , vol 303 968 (2004)

171. Production of Unilamellar Vesicles Using an Inverted Emulsion Sophie Pautot, Barbara J. Frisken, and D. A. Weitz, Langmuir 19 2870-2879 (2003).

172. Spontaneous Formation of Lipid Structures at Oil/Water/Lipid Interfaces Sophie Pautot, Barbara J. Frisken, Ji-Xin Cheng, X. Sunney Xie and D. A. Weitz, Langmuir 19 10281-10287 (2003).

173. Electrostatics for Explorting the Nature of Water Adsorption on the Laponite Sheets' Surface Yosslen Aray, Manuel Marquez, Jesus Rodriguez, Santiago Coll, Yamil Simon-Manso, Carlos Gonzalez and David A. Weitz, J. Phys. Chem. 107, 8946-8952 (2003).

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186. Two-point microrheology of inhomogeneous soft materials Crocker JC, Valentine MT, Weeks ER, et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 85, 888 (2000).



189. DIFFUSING-WAVE SPECTROSCOPY PINE DJ, WEITZ DA, CHAIKIN PM, et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 60, 1134 (1988).