Charged interfaces

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"My own understanding of the need for a fundamental approach to modern electrostatics came from two sources. One was the electrostatics lecture-demonstrations of A.D. Moore, which often leaves experts in electromagnetics amazed by seemingly impossible phenomena. The other was my colleagues in industry, especially Henry Till, who routinely showed that complicated solutions of Laplace's equation had little to do with understanding and using electrostatics." J.M Crowley in Fundamentals of electrostatics."

  • Role of charged surfaces
  • Origins of surface charge
    • Ionic solids, oxides, PZC, adsorption
    • Nonaqueous systems - length scales, inverse micelles, surface charging
  • Galvani - Static electricity
  • Volta
    • Triboelectrification
    • Voltaic pile
  • Electokinetics
  • Connected, charged surfaces
  • Isolated, charged surfaces
  • Ions near charged surfaces
  • Electrostatics
    • Volts, fields, charges
    • Voltages and electric fields
    • Charges and electric fields

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