Bulk Synthesis of Polymer-Inorganic Colloidal Clusters

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Entry by Pichet Adstamongkonkul, AP 225, Fall 2011

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Title: Bulk Synthesis of Polymer-Inorganic Colloidal Clusters

Authors: Adeline Perro and Vinothan N. Manoharan

Journal: Langmuir, 2010, Vol. 26, No. 24


Nonspherical colloidal particles can be used as model systems to understand phase behavior and as building blocks for three-dimensional photonic crystal structures if we can control their shape, size, composition, and yield, which in turn precisely define the morphologies and surface properties of those particles. An approach uses pre-formed spherical particles and make them aggregate in a controlled manner into clusters, which allows different morphologies to be produced. This paper is the generalization of a method previously developed, making polystyrene-silica colloidal clusters in bulk, to other materials.