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[[The hydrodynamics of water strider locomotion]]
[[The hydrodynamics of water strider locomotion]]
[[Optically trapped aqueous droplets for single molecule studies]]

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These are papers from people outside SEAS, but still very interesting.

Spontaneous breakdown of superhydrophobicity

Surface Viscoelasticity of Individual Gram-Negative Bacterial Cells Measured Using Atomic Force Microscopy

Pearl drops

Patterned Superhydrophobic Surfaces: Toward a Synthetic Mimic of the Namib Desert Beetle

Variable-focus liquid lens for miniature cameras

Assembly of Colloidal Particles by Evaporation on Surfaces with Patterned Hydrophobicity

Splashing on elastic membranes: The importance of early-time dynamics

Continuous Convective Assembling of Fine Particles into Two-Dimensional Arrays on Solid Surfaces

Impalement of fakir drops

Drop Splashing on a Dry Smooth Surface

Osmotically driven shape-dependent colloidal separations

Surface-induced droplet fusion in microfluidic devices

From Bouncing to Floating: Noncoalescence of Drops on a Fluid Bath

Mechanistic Principles of Colloidal Crystal Growth by Evaporation-Induced Convective Steering

Bursting of soap films. I. An experimental study

The hydrodynamics of water strider locomotion

Optically trapped aqueous droplets for single molecule studies