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by Joanne Aizenberg (2011) in Nature

Initial entry: Che-Hang Yu, Fall 2011

Purpose In this article, professor Aizenberg appeals her opinions on the important topics for next decades in chemistry and the personnel she admires.


In this article, professor Aizenberg points out that the sustainability as the first priority for next decade in chemistry. She says that this issue does apply to fields such as developing alternative energy, efficient and sustainable use of natural resources, environmental preservation, and fight in human health. She uses the case of improvements in handling energy sources such as nuclear, solar, H-based, and coal-based energy in such a "green" way and in crop production as examples in fields requiring sustainability. Therefore, she says, developing new materials and processes are essential to fulfill the needs in areas above, which requires all the collaboration from various fields in chemistry - (in)organic, polymer, bio, physical, material.

As a inspiring scientist, she appoints Josiah Willard Gibbs, honoring his achievement in chemistry: establishing thermodynamics and physical chemistry. Gibbs' work has huge impacts on many different fields from physics to engineering.