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Applied Physics 226: Introduction to Soft Matter (Spring 2012)

1. Capillarity: Deformable Interfaces : Dynamic Forces Between Two Deformable Interfaces

2. Capillarity and Gravity : Dripping to Jetting Transitions

3. Wetting and Long-Range Forces : Films Stabilized by Long-Range Forces

4. Stability of Thin Interlayers : Nanoparticle in a Nanofluid Film Spreading on a Surface

Applied Physics 225: Introduction to Soft Matter (Fall 2011)

1. General Introduction to Soft Matter : Soft Nanotechnology

2. Surface Forces : Hydrodynamic Coupling of Two Brownian Spheres

3. Capillarity and Wetting : Double Emulsions Using a Microcapillary Device

4. Polymers and Polymer Solutions : Synthesis of Monodisperse Microparticles from Non-Newtonian Polymer Solutions

5. Surfactants : Pickering Emulsions - Particles as Surfactants

6. Equilibria and Phase diagrams : Jamming Phase Diagram

7. Charged Interphases : Electrokinetic Micro Power Generation - Streaming Potential

8. Colloidal Stability : Dispersion of Silica Fines in Water-Ethanol Suspensions